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TachoTerminal Pro





TachoTerminal PRO combines the advantages of transfer keys, smart card readers and combo readers thanks to an embedded card reader and tachograph connector. TachoTerminal PRO is an all-in-one device with the best features on the market.

TachoTerminal PRO’s features

  • Rigid tachograph connector instead of a flexible tacho wire.
  • 2 GB of removable Flash memory.
  • In-built card reader, does not require a company card.
  • Does not require charging or batteries.
  • Fast tachograph data download.
  • Small size and lightweight.
  • 2 methods of driver card data reading.
  • 3 configurable methods of tachograph download.
  • Readouts of driver, company, control and workshop cards.
  • Enables file transfer from a microSD card via mobile phone.
  • Optional – portable AA battery charger.

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